Does ‘Oil Pulling’ Really Work?

If any of you are frequenters of sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, or even just the internet in general, you’ve probably run across the new health craze sweeping the internet, ‘Oil Pulling’. If not, here’s a quick filler for you: Oil pulling is where you use natural organic oil, it can be sesame oil, sunflower […]

Medical Marijuana Inc. ($MJNA)

Welcome, readers, to the first installment in a series of company profiles that you can invest in marijuana with in the stock market. If you didn’t catch the list of companies I came up with that are all related directly to the cannabis industry and are available to publicly trade, you can see it here: […]

How to Invest in Marijuana

If any of you are somewhat familiar with the stock market, and are open to what some people still consider radical ideas, here’s a good, quick read of how to invest in marijuana. As we know, marijuana was officially legalized in Washington and Colorado on January 1, 2014. If you watch or invest in OTC […]

The Benefits Of Hemp

Hey to anybody viewing this, new website will be coming up soon. Look out for coming very soon, we’re just getting everything set up right now. Please bookmark this link and check back for the new site very soon! Thanks for stopping by! Update: We are now up and running, with a range of content and […]


Hey everybody, welcome to my blog, which I will be showing you the many useful and healthful benefits of hemp products. If you are interested in this topic, please subscribe to my blog, and keep on the lookout for updates in the very near future. I plan to provide information on hemp products, such as […]